Pastor Dr. Willie Mae Hankins


Pastor Dr. Willie Mae Hankins is a powerful woman of God, who with grace, commitment, and passion serves alongside her husband, Apostle Henry Lee Hankins, Sr., as co-founder and co-pastor of Word of Truth Kingdom Church.

A loving wife and devoted helpmeet, Dr. Hankins works closely in the ministry with her husband and has dedicated her life to Christ and to the up building of God’s kingdom.  God continues to use her to love, comfort, nurture, and care for the women of the kingdom, as God has equipped her to walk in spiritual motherhood and become a spiritual mother to the children of God nationally and internationally.

Pastor Hankins is the founder of Sisters of Covenant Women Fellowship which serves as a platform for developing women of Godly virtue and promoting sisterhood within the body of Christ. Pastor Hankins has more than three decades of teaching and counseling, which enables her to reach others with warmth, transparency, and strength.  Her devotion to her husband has allowed her to assist him with establishing churches in the State of Mississippi and also serve along with him in mission work in South America, South Africa, East Africa, London, and Germany.

Dr. Hankins earned a diploma in Ministerial Studies, a Bachelor of Theology and a Master’s Degree in Theology from Word of Truth Bible College in Jackson, MS.  She has an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree from Spirit of Truth Bible Institute, Richmond, VA.

Pastor Hankins has been happily married to Apostle Henry L. Hankins, Sr., for forty–seven years and they are proud parents of three children (Katrina, Alicia, and Henry Jr.) and nine grandchildren.

Dr. Willie Mae Hankins is an exquisite woman of God with much wisdom.  She is a powerful reflection of Proverbs 31:10-31, and a true example of a “Woman of Noble Character”.